8 Reasons To Watch Episode 7!

By Lindsay Hahn

8. Bootylicious Body Shots

After participating in some good ol' fashion day drinking, Raquel and Shannon up the anty with a round of body shots from a passerby. Things get a little bootlylicious when both girls expose their goodies. 


7. Special Delivery!

Yummy but random! A sexy stranger delivers a surprise basket to the house. It looks the the Bad Girls are about to get some good news....


6. Bad Girls Hit the Road

A trip to Savannah! What could be better than boys, booze and beaches? The girls head out for some fun in the sun. 


5. Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Things get a little awkward when the girls hit the streets of Savannah for a scavenger hunt, and  Raquel has a playful hookup with a statue. 


4. Sober ShanRock

Team ShanRock decides to take the sober route while partying at a club in Savannah. We get it - they want to be in tip-top shape in case of a pop off. But how un-bad of them. 

3. Sand Man

Alicia hits the sand to become a "man". The girls prank Alicia by giving her a male genitalia. We bet that attracted some serious attention in Savannah. 


2. Exercise in Bed?

Shannon decides to exercise in Rocky's bed while she is sleeping. Doesn't this just seem a little strange? You have your own bed, Shannon! Or, if your that desperate for some crunch time, go to the gym.


1. Pop Off After-Party

Yes, this happens again. Although it looks like Jenniffer and Valentina are popping off, Rocky is somewhere in that hot mess. Don't miss the ending of tonight's SO new episode, it's round three of the ultimate battle: Raquel vs. Jenn....may the pop offs be ever in your favor.


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