8 Reasons To Watch Episode 8!

By Lindsay Hahn

If you're a BGC super fan, then you know it's all about the weave! From hair pulling to a hair show, here are the 8 reasons why you should watch tonight's SO new episode of Bad Girls Club. Spoiler alert: Someone is going to wig out. (Sorry, we just had to go there!)

8. Gone With the Weave

Ding ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! When we last saw the Bad Girls, a nasty battle was brewing between new girls Jenniffer and Raquel. After weeks of plotting and scheming, we are happy to announce that Raquel was finally victorious. What is Rocky's pop off prize you may ask? Jenn's weave, duh.


7. Make Friends, Not War

The next day, the girls attempt to hash out their problems with Raquel. Unfortunately, Shannon is still on the outs. Will the girls finally accept Rocky? Will this be the end of ShanRock? You'll just have to tune in tonight (at 8/7c) to find out. 


6. The J Spot

Oh hey! It wouldn't be Hotlanta without an appearance from a celebrity hairstylist, so chic! No need to do a double-take, this is the same Derek J. that often has cameos on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Derek invites the Bad Girls to participate in a hair show. Seriously, we're jealous that the girls get to spend a full day with Derek J. and all his fabulosity.


5. T-Shirt Time

Team ShanRock decides to hang out (correction: let it all hang out) during a wet t-shirt contest. These girls really know how to show off their assets during this "no panty" party. Who do you think won? Watch a sneak peek and vote now!


4. Bad Hair Day?

If you aren't familiar with hair shows, you will quickly find out they are all about fantasy, extravagance and couture. Hence, the crazy BIG hairstyles you see above. Valentina's new 'do proves that bigger is always better. Right? 


3. Cute Couple


D'aww, these lovebirds can't seem to get enough of each other. Stephanie makes another booty call to Andre but we think things are getting a little more serious than these two let on. Stephanie often comments that she is confused why she is falling for a guy but whatever works! Steph + Dre forever!


2. Model Behavior

Raquel and Stephanie are the lucky two to be chosen for a Derek J. photo shoot. Rocky looks so demure and classic! Who knew these Bad Girls were models?!? Perhaps, they should try out for "The Face". Go Team BGC!


1. Pop Off Party

For real, these girls only seem to pop off in the middle of the night. In the typical battle of drunk v. sleeping Bad Girls, Shannon and Paula finally have a showdown. We have to applaud Shannon for finding her voice and popping off. Honestly, its about time! 

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