8 Reasons To Watch The 'Bad Girls Club: Atlanta' Finale!

By Lauren Zupkus

Leave it to the Bad Girls to go out with a bang. If you're not already convinced that it's ALL going down in the season finale, here are 8 reasons to tune in tonight at 8/7c.

8. Bathtime for Bad Girls

After a long day of drinking and hanging poolside, Nancy, Rocky and Stephanie move the party to the tub. This puts a whole new spin on partying with bubbly.

7. She Twerks Hard for the Money

Once the Bad Girls find out they have a chance to star in rapper Kusdem's new music video, the girls bust a move in typical Bad Girl fashion: raunchy, rude, and anything goes. Shannon knows if she wants to win, she's gotta show off her best, um, assets.

6. Beer Pong Champs

We all know Stephanie knows how to party, but from the looks of this photo she's never spent much time at the beer pong table. Let's see if her strategy can win the over the judges.

5. Pickle Juice: The New Hangover Cure?

After a particularly rough night in the Bad Girls crib, Rocky's drink of choice is a little strange. We've heard of hair of the dog, but this? ... Do you Rocky, do you.

4. Valentina Snacks on Baby Powder

Wait. WHAT? Apparently Valentina can't get enough of eating baby powder. Everybody gets the occasional weird craving, but girl, you're on your own with this one.

3. Mattress Surfing

With only a few days left in the house, the girls get creative with the mansion's furniture. Wipeout!

2. Rocky's Had Enough

Anybody want to take a guess as to what - or who - pushes Rocky over the edge? Another day, another drama in the Bad Girls Club... but this brawl is one you can't miss. 

1. Tearful Goodbyes

Who knew the Bad Girls had soft sides? See who breaks down in tears during the season finale.


Watch the drama unfold on "Bad Girls Club" tonight at 8/7c, only on Oxygen.


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