8 Reasons to Watch the BGC Premiere Tonight!

By Lindsay Hahn

Let's get it crackin' in the ATL! Tonight is your night to be bad! The SO new season of Bad Girls Club starts at 8/7c. In the final few hours before the premiere, we are counting down our top 8 favorite moments of tonight's episode. Spoiler alert: Our list starts with a striptease and ends with a pop off, what could be better?  Trust us, the Season 10 girls waste no time turning up the heat in Hotlanta. 

8. Stephanie's Sexy Striptease

What better way to celebrate season 10 then with a round of shots and a striptease? Professional stripper, Stephanie, may have needed some help removing her pants, but she ROCKS that pole all on her own. 


7. Why Can't We Be Friends?

Did hell freeze over?!? Are these Bad Girls being (dare we say it) "good" together? Take a hard look at this super rare moment of Season 10. Believe us, this scene of friendship, peace, and love doesn't last long. Can't we all just get along?


6. Don't Clap At Me, I'm Not in Elementary!

Everyone knows Bad Girls love a good time, especially when it involves limos, booze, and clubbing. When a drunken misunderstanding gets out of hand, Paula takes the "high road" by clapping her way through the argument.  Hands down we are obsessed with Janae's one-liner: "Don't clap at me, I'm not in elementary!" Now that's a gem. 


5. Calm Down, Janae! #CalmDownJanae

Looks like someone is ready to pop off! Janae attempts to attack in full force after the girls return from a night of crazy clubbing. 


4. Crazy Eyes

Valentina's eyes say it all. Janae may be a hotheaded Bad Girl, but she needs to take a moment to cool off!  (#CalmDownJanae)


3. Steamy Hot Tub Make Out

Things quickly heat up when Stephanie and Janae smooch in the hot tub. At least Janae is getting along with one girl in the house, right? Make love, not war. That's what we like to see!


2. Security Please!

Do I spot a Dre? Yup, it looks like Love Games' Andre is on the prowl for another lucky lady - perhaps a new Bad Girl! While Dre may be livin' it up, Janae can barely stand up. From the club to the limo, Janae leaves in style a la security guard. 


1. Premiere Pop Off

Ouch! That looks like it hurts. In the final moments of the premiere, the girls POP OFF! Did you notice a trend in our 8 favorite moments? Hint: They all involve Janae. She is one Bad Girl that loves the spotlight, apparently her antics don't sit well amongst the other ladies of Atlanta. Are you surprised she is involved in the first fight? 


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