8 Reasons You Need To Watch Episode 3!

By Lindsay Hahn

Is it getting hot in here? Oh yeah, it's Tuesday night and we're ready for a SO new episode of Bad Girls Club! This week we've compiled our top 8 reasons to tune in. From Janae maybe going bye bye bye to a kitchen blowout,  we offer you the best, juiciest teasers from Episode 3. Wham bam thank you ma'am!

P.S if you are wondering what it means to be "molly whopped", you are not alone! Nikki will give you the officially dictionary definition tonight.

8. Bye Bye Bad Girl?

OK, we've heard it over and over again. We all know BGC isn't for everyone. However, we kind of feel bad for Janae. Just try looking away from those sad, lonely eyes! With that being said, this girl needs to go back home to Houston. Do you think Janae will pack up her trash bags?


7. Throwback Tuesday


Awww, Dre! This pic is too cute for words. For half a second we almost forgot he has a dirty little secret. With all these "guest appearances" maybe Andre should be in the running for fan favorite.


6. Battle of the Bugs

The Season 10 girls are definitely Bad but they must be a little sweet on the inside. These poor girls are getting eaten alive by Atlanta's insects. That bug is terrifying (eek!) but we're obsessing over Paula's reaction. Come on Hell on Heels, fight back!


5. Hello Mystery Man

Shannon introduces us to "Mr. Yes" aka her sugar daddy. While the idea of a mystery man is only slightly intriguing, we appreciate the fact that he does "deliver" on the goods. Shannon implies that "Mr. Yes" knows how to spoil her rotten, but (at this point) we can only assume he knows how to rot her teeth. We do love a good chocolate covered strawberry but Mr. Sugar needs to up the ante. 


4. Dre in the Doghouse

Spoiler alert: Stephanie FINALLY confronts Andre about his Love Games past. Will she dump this "BGC groupie"?!? Maybe not, he does buy groceries for the house. We wish we were kidding... 


3. Nikki Parties Her Pants Off

Well, it's not her "pants" per se but still! After a night of partying, Nikki's clothes just can't contain all her drunken excitement. It looks like there will be a full moon in Atlanta tonight.


2. This Happens...

After seeing this picture, we are speechless... and it's not because of the nudity. We are in complete shock that after all the rumors and gossip about Shannon's boobs, they are finally making an appearance. Perhaps, after tonight, they can officially be considered the 8th cast member.


1. Tit For Tat

It wouldn't be BGC without a late night pop off! Shannon's boobs are seriously to blame for starting this rumble. Want to know why? Tune in for a SO new episode of Bad Girls Club at 8/7c!


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