8 Things You Didn't Know About Jenniffer

By Lindsay Hahn

Welcome to Bad Girls Club, Jenniffer! Who wants to get to know this sexy stripper? Don’t worry, we've compiled a list of 8 fun facts. Don't be fooled by Jenniffer's cute, playful side, this girl knows when to get feisty and pop off!

1. I haven’t had plastic surgery but if my boobs even drop an inch I'm running to the surgeon!

2. My worst feature is my bi-polar ways.

3. My worst fight was at a strip club. I was jumped by about 5 girls in 10-inch heels.

4. My celebrity crush is Obama. He is fine plus I love a man in charge!

5. My dream man would be VERY VERY successful with a basketball type body. He would also be mute (what do I need him to talk for).

6. What gets under my skin the most is when someone doesn’t understand loyalty and over steps their boundaries.

7. My dream car is a pink Bentley.

8. My worst habit has to be picking my ears with a bobby pin.

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