8 Things You Didn't Know About Stephanie

By Lindsay Hahn

The SO new season of Bad Girls Club is almost here! Before it's Tuesday night debut (8/7c), get to know half-black, half-El Salvadorian stripper Stephanie. We already know she can rock a killer pair of heels, but here are 8 things you didn't know about this bi-sexual bombshell! Remember to tune in January 15 to see this sexy siren in action.

1. My favorite fashion accessory is my beautiful drawn on eyebrows. I can't leave the house without them. 

2. I used to fist fight so much it got played out. I like fighting with words just because I can say funny sh*t and hurt your weak a*s feelings at the same time.

3. If I could be anything in the world, it would be a radio personality or a comedian. I love talking about nothing all day and having thousands of people listening to me, relating and making them laugh!

4. My guilty pleasure is laying in bed watching Netflix and smoking cigarettes. 

5. I've never had any plastic surgery. I would get my boobs done once I'm bored of being flat chested. I've been rocking the boy chest lately and loving it. 

6. My best physical feature is my face. I love my face! My second favorite is my booty- so small and round.

7. I own a lot of stripper shoes that I wear as my going-out heels. I have about 10 good pairs of shoes. I'm not really into buying too many shoes, it makes me crazy!

8. I get along with bisexual girls and strippers the most just because they are open-minded and can take my personality and jokes. I don't get along with prude bitches. They always have a problem with me being so sexual and always being naked. 


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