Baddest Bad Girl: Vexy vs. Sarah. Vote Now!

By Oxygen

Everything about Vexy from The Smurfs 2 screams Bad Girl Attitude. Just look at her appearance! The mischievous grin. The arms crossed in defiance. And don't forget those dyed blue bangs dangling out of from under her beanie. 

In our minds, Vexy is already a bona fide Bad Girl. So we're pitting her against Sarah to see who's the baddest. Hailing from Georgia, Sarah proclaims: "The dumb blond, the girl who's in charge, the crazy girl -- I'm all that in one!" And according to those in the know, she "finds herself acting first and asking questions later."

In contrast, Vexy is referred to as a "Naughty" in The Smurfs 2, premiering July 31. She's smart and mischievous. Where Sarah acts on emotion, Vexy schemes. Make sure to vote in our poll below and tune in to the OMG Special on Tue., July 30 at 9/8c to see if the Smurfs rescue their sneak peek

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