Creepin' on the 'Bad Girls Club 11' Cast via Twitter

By Lauren Zupkus

So Bad Girls Club 11 isn't airing until August 13, and the curiosity is killing us! We couldn't help ourselves, so we creeped a little bit on the Bad Girls' twitter accounts. Call us stalkers, but the results are way too juicy to not look. Sorry we're not sorry, y'all...


So as you've peeped above, JazMone (@xoxojazmone) has us even more psyched for this season! Most intense? We can't imagine. She also tweeted about fellow cast member Teresa:



Teresa definitely has the craziest twitter handle (@blackoutpassout) and apparently, she likes to change up her look. Check this out: 



Tiana (@LiveLoveMODEL) is already making a claim that she's the baddest Bad Girl. Here we go...



Milyn (@milynjensen_) had us cracking up with tweets like these: 



Sarah (@sarahSOoliver) ... well, she seems like a bit of a horndog. 


Stephanie (@stephanieliz) had some silly tweets, but we especially liked this adorable vine she tweeted: 




And, regardless of what we could see on the Bad Girls' social media accounts, one of Gina's tweets (@fabulous_gii) reminded us that we'll just really have to wait and see...


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