Episode 1: Q&A With Valentina

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen: Why did you want to be on BGC? What did your family and friends say when you told them you were going on the show?
Valentina: I’m adventurous by nature, so I wanted to be on BGC to have fun and be a part of a once in a lifetime experience.

O: What did you think of Janae when you first met her?
V: I thought she was pretty and she seemed cool, but I could tell that there was something a bit off about her.

O: How did you feel driving to the house for the first time? Were you nervous at all? How did you feel when you first got to the house?
V: Driving to the house was exciting because I couldn’t wait to finally get there. I wasn’t nervous, I was excited. When I arrived at the house I was ready to take Atlanta by storm and rock out.

O: What was your first impression of all the other girls? Who did you think you would get along with? Who did you think you wouldn’t get along with?
V: My first impression of all the girls was that even though some of them were challenged and needed a serious upgrade, they were all pretty nice. I thought that I was going to get along with everyone except for Janae. Janae was too delusional for my liking.

O: Were you excited about your first night out in Atlanta? What was the best part? What was the worst part?
V: I was definitely excited about my fist night out in Atlanta with the girls. The best part was partying, but the worst part was the petty drama.

O: What did you think of Janae’s behavior on the first night?
V: Janae’s behavior was weird as hell to say the least. It was clear she had issues.

O: What do you think of Janae? Do you think she was causing trouble during the first couple days in ATL?
V: I think Janae is cool when she’s sober, but when she’s drunk she’s acts like a psycho. She needs to stop drinking for life.


O: Were you excited to go out the second night? What was the best part?
What was the worst part? What did you think about Janae being extra drunk and sloppy and starting fights again?
V: I was super excited to go out the second night. The best part was by far the dinner at Frank Ski’s. The worst part was Janae being a hot mess. I thought Janae was so annoying and I was tired of her getting drunk and going crazy on everyone.

O: What are you most excited for this season?
V: I hope everyone gets to see how much fun we had in the house, and that true friendships were made. I hope that even though it’s the Bad Girls Club, positivity also shines through.

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