Episode 1004: Q&A With Jenniffer

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen: How did you feel driving up to the house for the first time?
Jenniffer: Driving up to the house was every Bad Girl’s dream. All I could see was the bright Bad Girl sign and these huge pink doors. I knew I was home!

O: How did it feel being the new girl in the house?
J: Being the new girl in the house was amazing. I had all the attention and all the girls were super happy to meet me. Everything was new to me and that was a dope feeling.

O: What was your first impression of each of the girls?
J: My first impression of Nikki was “this girl is weird.” She looked like she was going through it- I was excited to be in the house and she was killing my mood. My first impression of Stephanie was “ummm okay this girl is definitely sexy” and she was hella goofy, I loved her from the start.
Paula was like “okay this small, southern talking chick seems super down to earth I could so kick it with her she’s dope.” My first impression of Valentina was "trouble." I don’t think she will like me for long, plus she seemed upset my first day so I knew she had already been in a few fights. When I saw Alicia I was definitely like “omg she has the biggest dimples I’ve ever seen.” But I knew if me and Valentina ever got into it she would definitely be on Valentina's side. My first impression of Shannon was “umm, wow, she’s a loner and seems like a fraud.” I was a little skeptical on whether a gender change was the first twist of Season 10.

O: What were you thinking when you got back from the house and you saw that Nikki had left and how upset Paula was?
J: When we got back from the club and Nikki was gone, I thought we were all about to celebrate. But I just heard a bunch of screaming and crying. I was so confused, not to mention drunk, and I had no idea what a drawing of a pig meant. I thought it was a nice gesture but come to find out it wasn’t. I was just ready for the party to continue.

O: What did you think of Ian hitting on/ flirting with all the girls?
J: When Ian was flirting with all the girls, I had a thought like okay he is beyond thirsty he wanted action every which way he could get it, and he was corny as f*ck. But I’m a nice person and didn’t want anyone’s company feeling unwelcome so I went along with it. But honestly he and his friends were wack!!!!!

O: Why were you worried about getting another new girl in the house?
J: We were all getting along so well I just knew the new girl was going to start sh*t up; and plus I liked being the new girl, I felt the house was better with 6 Bad Girls.

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