Episode 2: Q&A With Stephanie

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen: Do you think Janae will last in the house?
Stephanie: Not really, she cried way too much and spoke about going home on the second day. I don’t think she realized how it was really gonna be in the house.

O: What did you think about Valentina starting to fight Janae?
S: I didn’t expect it to get popping that fast. She just snapped. I tried to scream “stop!” I thought she was going to kill her… I was in complete shock and that’s when I knew the girls were about that life! No games!

O: What do you think about Janae at this point?
S: I like Janae, I just wish she wouldn’t drink too fast; she was actually really cool when she wasn't drunk. I just wished she would pace herself when she did drink.

O: Who are your best friends in the house at this point? Who are you not fond of?
S: There is no such thing as best friends in the BGC house. I favor Valentina, Alicia, Paula and Nicky they are so much fun! I relate to them a lot. I wasn’t too fond of Shannon after the second week, I just felt like I had to keep my distance after her offensive comment towards Valentina. It actually hurt my feelings that she even fixed her lips to say such a thing! My ancestors worked way too hard in order for me to hear that. I was also confused... like don’t you date black men?!

O: Were you excited to have a pool party with Andre and his friend?
S: YES! I wanted to have new people in the house, too many girls and emotions around. I just wanted to hang out to be honest; I get along better with boys. I wasn’t looking to hook up with him, I had no expectations.

O: Why do you like Andre?
He is very attractive, fun, and hilarious. I hit it off pretty well with him in the club and liked his vibe on the phone. He reminds me a lot of myself.

O: What did you think when Shannon made the offensive comment towards Valentina?
S: I was asleep but when Nicky woke me up and said that to me I was in shock! I just felt like I had to keep my distance from Shannon after the comment.

O: Did you want her out of the house after that?
S: Not really, it wasn’t a priority. I just wanted her to go to sleep, wake up, and realize what she did. Everyone deserves a second chance; I just kept my distance from her.

O: Why didn’t you vote her out of the house when it came down to it?
S: I didn’t really know what was going on! I just felt like she needed to take a shower, drink water, go to bed, and deal with Valentina and Alicia in the morning.

O: Did you have fun at Mingles?
S: Yes, it was so much fun. I loved my outfit and the music. We met DJ Cypha and he was playing everything I like! I danced the night away and even made some money for our tip jar! I didn’t really care that Janae was being mopey; I just wanted to have fun. I kept telling her not tonight! I didn't want her to spoil everyone’s fun. The night before was the fight and I just wanted to get out of the house drama-free and shake my tail feather!

O: How did you learn to dance like that?!
S: At the strip club and reggae clubs I always go to! I always manage to lose control and my bottoms :) I didn’t care what anyone thought I just wanted to dance!

O: What did you think when Andre sent you flowers?
S: It caught me off guard. I was surprised and confused at the same time. I didn’t think he liked me like that, I thought he just wanted to sleep with me. The flowers were awesome; I’ve never had a man send me flowers before. The thought was so nice it tickled me. I started liking him at that moment for sure.

O: What were you thinking during the house meeting?
S: I was just thinking about how I wanted to go back to sleep! I was half-way delusional and kinda mad at the fact they woke me up!

O: Did you want Janae out of the house?
S: Not really, I just wanted her to limit her drinking.

O: Did you want Shannon out of the house?
S: Not at that moment.

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