Episode 2: Q&A With Valentina

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen: Do you think Janae will last in the house? Why did you start fighting with her?
Valentina: I was reaching in my drawer with my back turned when I felt someone hit me. I went into defense mode and snapped. We all had too many drinks, but I have to defend myself especially when I feel like I’m being attacked.

O: What do you think about Janae at this point?
V: At this point, I just feel like Janae is a hot a*s mess that needs to leave the BGC house.

O: Who are your best friends in the house? Who are you not fond of?
V: Alicia is the closest person in the house to me. The only person I’m not fond of at this point is Janae.

O: Were you excited to have a pool party with Andre and his friend?
V: I was glad to have some testosterone in the house. Being around 6 other girls 24 hours a day is overwhelming, so having guys over was a breath of fresh air.

O: What did you think about your conversation with Janae? Do you think she was sincere?
V: I honestly didn’t care so much about the conversation I had with Janae. She was still boring and super annoying to me regardless of the conversation. I don’t really care if she was sincere or not, that’s her business.

O: Why did you get involved in Shannon and Alicia’s fight?
V: I wasn’t involved until Shannon kept involving me. She kept calling my name and I had nothing to do with the situation so I told her to stop and that’s when things went to sh*t.

O: What ran through your mind when Shannon called you an offensive name? Did you think everyone would support you in kicking her out of the house?
V: I was livid when she called me that. One, she randomly brought me into the argument in the first place. Hell yea I thought everyone would support me in kicking her out, especially since they pretended to be so offended. The only person that clearly had my back was Alicia.


O: Did you have fun at Mingles? What do you think of Stephanie’s dance moves?
V: Of course I enjoyed myself at Mingles. The best part was our mixology session. The worst part was once again Janae being delusional. I think when Stephanie is drunk she dances wildly, but when she’s in her stripper mode on the pole she’s sexy.

O: Did you think Shannon’s apology in the confessional was genuine?
V: F**********cccckkkk noooooo!!!!!! Not at all.

O: Why did you decide to pack up Janae’s stuff instead of Shannon’s?
V: Even though Shannon was wrong for her comment, it didn’t change the fact that Janae was ruining the BGC experience for the rest of us. Not to mention we wanted to get someone out ASAP, and Shanman was in her interview at the time.

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