Episode 3: Q&A With Nicole

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen: What were you thinking when Alicia and Valentina were throwing food on Janae and throwing her stuff outside? Why did you stand up for her?
Nicole: First off I couldn’t believe that the two girls that would have us pray over food before we ate would be playing with food like that. Secondly massaging the food into Janae? Enough is enough. She was so broken already.

O: What did you think when Alicia started to fight Janae?
N: “Damnnnnnn that’s a hugeeeeeeeee b*tch.” Haha Janae had no chance.

O: Were you happy to see Janae leave? Why or why not?
N: In a sense, yes. But not in the matter that it went down. Karma’s a b*tch so for me, Janae, you got yours… and some extra.

O: How do you feel about Shannon at this point?
N: I like Shannon, I respect her. She came into the Bad Girls house with a game mentality. Kudos to her, I know I couldn’t kiss anyone’s a*s just to live in a house being cordial.

O: Why aren’t you getting along with Alicia? Because she was a bully to Janae?
N: Because Alicia is a flip flopper and a gossiper. She probably made the time to talk about every single one of the girls negatively by this point. Her being a bully didn’t affect me, it just disgusts me. I would never associate with someone like that in real life.

O: How was your night out at Mingles?  What did you think about meeting Devin and him telling you the truth about Andre being on Love Games?
N: It was a spectacle =). At the time, sh*t seemed shady for sure.

O: How do you think Stephanie handled the situation?
N: Calmer than I would have.

O: How did you feel about the girls not wanting to go to the dive bar with you?
N: I was annoyed. Clearly they didn’t want to have fun that night. I’m about having fun every night. Ya snooze, ya lose. I still convinced some Bad b*tches to accompany me.

O: How do you feel about Valentina and Alicia?
N: Eddie Murphy’s sister and Shrek’s wife? Uhhh. Stop double teaming. That’s your home girl, I get it, but I didn’t know Valentina was your bodyguard. Like fight your own battles girls.

O: Why did you apologize to the girls after you got mad that they didn’t want to go out with you?
N: Because I had whined to my mom about it, and my mother who is practical, suggested for me to apologize. So no, it wasn’t heartfelt; it was just the proper thing to do. And believe it or not I was raised quite properly.

O: Were you happy Paula and Stephanie went out to the dive bar with you? How was your night?
N: Yes, that showed that they cared. They sacrificed what they wanted to do, even if it was not doing anything. Bad Girls Club or not, one of the best nights I’ve ever had partying with girls.

O: Why do you think Alicia was so mad you broke the glass and didn’t clean it up right away? What did you think when Valentina started to fight you?
N: I came to the conclusion that these b*tches already were tight about A. me not voting Shannon out. And B. me sticking up for Janae. Alicia and Val already had an agenda with me. At first I was confused like “how these b*tches just flip on me?” But it makes sense. Sorry I have a conscience lol.

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