Episode 6: Q&A With Rocky

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen: Why did you accept Shannon’s apology after she put you in the bed with Jerry? Did you think she was trying to make you look a certain way?

Rocky: I accepted Shannon’s apology because I felt like she was trying to make me look bad in order to make the girls like her, which back fired. So I already knew why she did it and it was wrong.


O: Why do you get along with Shannon? What do you like about her?

R: Shannon is genuine and she is just like me. She saw right through the other girls just as much as I did when I first walked in.


O: What was it like auditioning for DJ Cypha to be DJ/ MC?

R: DJ Cypha was sweating the whole time; he is SO not my type. I didn't wanna do the DJ thing, I just went cuz I didn't want the other girls to feel like it was because of them I didn't go. It’s all about me though lol.



O: Who are your best friends in the house at this point? Why? Who are you not getting along with? Why? What do you think of all the other girls?

R: I'm cool with Shannon and Shannon alone because the other girls are sketchy as f*ck!!! I don't like Jenn because she is too jealous.




O: How was dinner at the sushi restaurant?

R: Sushi was good, I loved the vibe of the restaurant- but you know that one person always has to kill the vibe.


O: How was your night out at the club?

R: The club was so fun without Ms. Jealous there. We all laughed and had fun so we were all happy to have the negativity gone for the night.


O: What did you think about Scott and Jenniffer as a couple?

R: I feel bad for Scott because he is dealing with such an ugly person on the inside who has a lot of issues. He was cute too and she is lucky I didn't snatch her boo ;)


O: How was your night at the strip club? What do you think about Jen getting mad at Scott for dancing with strippers? What do you think about her getting mad at you about the peeing on the seat incident? Do you think she overreacted?

R: Jenn is the definition of jealous. C'mon we are at a strip club and plus she is a stripper and a hoe herself. Like Jenn stop- you look stupid.  Just go back in the corner already. Ladies put SEAT COVERS on the toilet then don't squat. So first off she cuts me in line and pisses on the seat, then I go in and put the seat cover down and come to find out it’s all wet. Like eww b*tch have some common courtesy and wipe that sh*t.

O: What do you think about Jenn always getting mad and starting something with you? Do you think Jenn picks too many fights?

R: Jenn is always mad cuz she is obsessed with me and wishes we were friends.


O: Why do you think Jen dislikes you so much?

R: Jenn hates me cuz she wishes she was me.


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