Jump For Joy! Why You Should Watch Episode 12

By Lindsay Hahn

We have one question: who is ready to jump back in with a SO new episode of Bad Girls Club? You won't be laughing at Nancy (or the other girls) when you finally see tonight's intense pop off party. We all know some people in the house are in to "jumping" so skip ahead to find out all the details. 

Wait, Where's Nancy?


If you thought Nancy and Rocky were about to pop off, you were terribly mistaken. About 1.5 seconds after Nancy confronts Rocky Balboa, and a greased up Valentina pops her lid. V's baby daddy Alicia quickly jumps in to double team Rocky. Now, that doesn't seem fair...

Confrontation With ChiFly

It's not a good morning for Miss ChiFly. The next day, minutes after waking up, Rocky grabs Alicia's ponytail and tackles her to the ground. Talk about a sneak attack. We don't know what is worse: a morning pop off or "breakfast in bed"?

Make Love, Not War

Now, this is a surprising hookup. We thought Steph was all wified up with Dre! Nancy and Stephanie randomly decide to "jump" into the shower and then into Nancy's bed. Do you see a theme here? These ATL Bad Girls really do just jump each other. 

To watch more of this drama unfold, tune into a SO new episode of "Bad Girls Club" at 8/7c. If you can't wait for this pop off party to begin, take a walk down memory lane with the best fights from season 10. Enjoy!


Tune in to 'Bad Girls Club: Atlanta' Tuesdays at 8/7c


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