Here's What Happened on BGC Episode 10

Even the most educated minds in the world can learn something from Bad Girls Club. Here are some new words of wisdom we can all live by, courtesy of Tuesday night’s episode.

1) Never say that a Bad Girl has been pimped a million times.

You can slap a bitch, you can throw a mattress in the pool, you can even call her a bitch, ho, slut, stripper, etc . . . . but don’t say that she’s been pimped out a million times, as Alicia said to Shannon during her fight with Valentina. Them are fighting words. Even Valentina clutches her pearls.

2) If you miss your on/off again’s boyfriend . . . find yourself a lesbian instead!

Rocky is strictly d*ckly, so she says. But the lack of male attention is getting to her, so she picks up Rice, a lesbian, at Einstein’s. A couple of days later, she invites her over and they hook up and SHE LIKES IT. She’s sticking with boys, but at least she now knows that if she ever goes to prison, she'll survive -- at least booty call-wise.

3) You are classy with mountains-worth of integrity even if you pop off every three seconds . . .

Valentina likes to fight. It’s kind of her thing. What is also her thing is to brag about how much class she has. During this episode, she scream-advises Shannon to show some respect for herself at the club. You see, the world can see Shannon’s undies, and this is so embarrassing to Valentina. What apparently is NOT embarrassing to her is to act like a rabid dog in heat week after week on national TV.

What was your favorite lesson this week? 

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