Here's What Happened on BGC Episode 5

Confesh: I’ve never been to Atlanta, but I hear it’s a super cool city. If I were to live there in a big house for a few months, I would do things like eat peaches, go to a Hawks or Braves game, and visit some museums. What I would not do is sit around all day and talk about how haunted my house is.

Thankfully, the ladies of the Bad Girls Club are NOT me, and they looooove a ghost. Especially Stephanie. She is so convinced that there are spirits lurking about, that she visits a psychic… in a cigar shop… with Alicia, Shannon, and Valentina. The mystic is all, uh, sure there’s a ghost. But then we know she’s a fraud when she also senses that Shannon has a brain. Ha!

They return to the house, and Shannon calls her “Sugar Daddy” Jerry and invites him to a party that they’re throwing over the weekend. She also warns him to bring lots of one dollar bills so he can make it rain. I am sure this is going to be one classy sugar daddy.

Since Nikki left last week, the girls are anticipating the arrival of their latest roommate. They see her life size picture and start critiquing her. Good for them, it’s ALWAYS wise to judge someone before you meet them!

The ladies are out go-karting when the new roommate shows up. Her name is Raquel but she goes by Rocky, she’s 21, from Cali, blah blah blah. Disgusted by how dirty the house is, she attempts to clean it using someone’s makeup brushes. How considerate!

Everyone returns to the house, and they’re not too mean, though they don’t gush over how beautiful she is as they did for Jenniffer. They go out to a lesbian bar, where Jen meets a chick named Cali. When Jen’s back is turned, Rocky starts grinding on her. Oh no she didn’t!

They go back to the house where a drunk Rocky eats one of Jenniffer’s Hot Pockets. Strike two! Paula is so offended by this act that she gets on her pulpit and starts lecturing about taking someone’s food. Not to be outdone, Jenniffer gets in Rocky’s face and, what do you know, they start fighting. It’s broken up and they all go to bed.

The next day the sun rises and it’s party time! Andre arrives with his crew. And then Sugar Daddy Jerry shows up and he looks more like a Sugar “Sketchy Second Cousin That You Don’t Invite to Christmas Eve Dinner Anymore,” if you know what I mean. But he brings bricks of dollar bills, so he’s a welcome guest!

The party starts hopping, and so does Sugar Daddy Jerry. He’s grinding on all the girls, sticking money in their bikini bottoms, you know, just being an all around good guy. Paula turns out to be the sole voice of reason in the house and finds Jerry as creepy as I do. But not Rocky! She’s loving all the attention. She’s dancing on tables, taking cash, the usual. Jennifer is annoyed by drunk Rocky so she throws her mattress in the pool. Alicia points out that ain’t any original sh*t, it’s a tradition in the Bad Girls Club house!

Jenniffer, however, does not stop there. She confronts Rocky again, and pours beer all over her. Don’t waste beer! She then grabs her by the ponytail, and that’s when security intervenes. In her talking head, Saint Shannon remarks that bullying is so lame… so why don’t you do something then??? Ugh.

A now topless Rocky (oh yeah, Jen pulled her clothes off. Forgot to mention that!) reacts by trashing everything. She throws all of Jen’s makeup and brushes in the toilet. Rocky has some sort of problem with makeup applicators… okay then.

Exhausted, Rocky passes out in her bed frame. Saint Shannon is so horrified by this that she takes her out and puts Rocky in her bed. With Jerry. How kind.

The next morning, Rocky wakes up miraculously forgetting everything. Jenniffer is also ready to put the previous evening behind her, so I guess that’s good. They’re ready to move on.

Alicia, however, points out that it is just a TAD disturbing that Shannon would put her very drunk friend in bed with a sketchy dude. Even if he’s a sugar daddy (ha!). All of a sudden Rocky is really upset about this too. But not because of what could have happened in that bed, but because everyone is going to think she’s a slut. Shannon apologizes, but Paula won’t let it go. She starts screaming at Shannon, who claims that she’s known Jerry for years, though she doesn’t know his last name. Hey, maybe he’s the Madonna of the Sugar Daddy kingdom? Who knows.

So now we have a hysterical Rocky, an apologetic Shannon, and a very angry household. This is certainly a recipe for peace. Not!

Till next week—

Liz Out Loud

Check out a sneak pekk of next Tuesday's SO new episode:

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