Here's What Happened on BGC Episode 6

Truth be told, I’ve never liked Sugar Daddies. Too sticky, too caramel-ly, and they take forever to eat. Sugar Babies, on the other hand, are my jam.

Shannon, however, is not me. Home girl LOVES a Sugar Daddy, even if he’s an old dude named Jerry who is so creepy that you’d plant him outside your house on Halloween to scare away kids. Shannon, in fact, loves him SO much that she shares him with her new BFF, Rocky/Raquel, when she puts her in the bed with him. Sure, Rocky may be drunk, but she needs a place to sleep! And what better place than by the side of a man who makes it rain with $1 bills.

As we know, this did NOT sit well with the other girls in the house, especially Alicia, who all of a sudden has developed an acute moral compass. What she has not developed, however, is good fashion sense. She’s still stuck in the 1980s with her Day Glo colored aerobics sweat suit.

While everyone is pissed off at her, Shannon tries to recruit Rocky to her team. She apologizes for putting her in the bed with Jerry, and now she has her back. How sweet!


Meanwhile, DJ Cypha invites the girls to the club PRONTO because he wants them to DJ with him. They all go except for Alicia who apparently has errands to run. Let’s hope it involves buying a new outfit.

The six other ladies head to the club where they audition for DJ Cypha. The best MC and DJ will get to spend an upcoming night with Cypha in the DJ booth. Oh exciting! In the end Paula is chosen as MC and Stephanie as DJ. Congrats!

That evening all seven girls head to sushi, then, you got it, the club! Busy busy. As she takes shots, Jenn gets progressively more upset at Rocky for no reason. After they leave the sushi restaurant in the limo, Jenn demands to go home. She says she wants to avoid drama because she doesn’t get along with Rocky. Okay, SEEMS like a mature decision… but then she explodes and attacks Rocky anyway. Okay then! At this point everyone is beginning to think that it’s Jenn who is the crazy one. Bout time.

Jenn ends up going home while the other girls go out to party. When they all finally arrive back at the house, Shannon and Rocky talk on the patio. Shannon spouts off some nonsense that she was born alone and that she’ll die alone. What, does she think she’s in the Marines? Calm down girl, you’re on the Bad Girls Club, not on some mission to save planet Earth.

The next day, Shannon continues her special training with Rocky. She teaches her how to react when her hair is pulled, when she’s knocked to the ground, etc… and I am floored. Meanwhile, Jenn’s on again/off again boyfriend Scott arrives at the house, along with his classy neck tattoos. After chilling out by the pool, they head into the shower together. Valentina and Stephanie watch.

That evening all of the girls sans Jenn, head to Luxe Lounge where Paula and Stephanie will take control of the booth with DJ Cypha. Jenn takes this time to mount Scott in the confessional. Young love!

The next morning, Shannon calls her OTHER sugar daddy, Mr. Yes. This one might just be classier than Jerry. He warns Shannon to stay focused and never let her guard down. She has to be ready at all times. What, is he a drill sergeant??? Actually, maybe. At any rate, she and Rocky head to the gym where they manage not to pass out from smoking too many ciggies.

Night falls, and what are seven girls supposed to do except go to a strip club? I have no idea! Scott will also be there because it is his birthday. This is going to be fun. Sure enough, Jenn flips out because he is, uh, dancing with a stripper at a strip club. Kids these days! She approaches the bouncer and demands that said stripper leave their area, because she is Jenn goddamnit! Everyone rolls their eyes. They are OVER Jenn’s drama.


They are also over peeing on the seat in public restrooms. Well, at least Rocky is. She follows Jenn into the bathroom and whines that there is, you got it, pee on the seat. Jenn storms out and doesn’t even say goodbye to Scott.

Everyone else soon follows and goes home. Jenn explains that she only popped off when Rocky snatched her after she admitted to pissing on the seat after she squatted over it. But no one really believes her. They know that she instigated it. Paula, who has emerged as the righteous mother hen of the house, tells her that she doesn’t need to fight. She could have been the bigger person and walked away. But what kind of fun would that be.


The tension between Jenn and Rocky is thick enough to cut with an industrial knife. Rocky is fed up with being attacked by Jenn, but Jenn is just petty. She warns the audience that ONE of them will go home. Who do you think it will be???

Till next time—

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