Q&A with Tanisha: Life, Love and Whipped Cream

By Lauren Zupkus

Some Bad Girls come and go with the seasons, but certain cast members just keep us coming back for more. Take Tanisha, for example, who's been by our side since she was banging pots and pans at the ripe age of 21 on Season 2 of Bad Girls Club.  Next, she helped a few Bad Girls find love when she hosted Love Games and then we watched as she found love herself on Tanisha Gets Married.  But we really got to see the more mature, maternal side of Tanisha when she began hosting the Bad Girl reunions and kept the other Bad Girls in check (or tried.) So now that the Season 10 reunion has come to a close, it's only right that we do our routine checkup on our girl Tanisha. Read on to hear about Tanisha's favorite All Star Battle contenders, her ambitious future plans, and what she hopes to see go down on BGC Season 11

How does it feel to be the fairy godmother of the Bad Girl's Club? What makes you a good fit? 

I'm kind of like the mother figure. I've always been like that in life off camera, so I think the girls gravitate towards me because I'm always there, kind of like a shoulder to lean on and I'm authentic and very nurturing. 

Even though you've always been nurturing, you still were wild and crazy on your season. What do you think has changed? 

I've definitely grown since the Bad Girls Club and if I didn't something would definitely be wrong with me. I'm a grown woman now, and a lot has changed. I've done a lot of growing, I've gone through a lot.. but don't get it twisted, I still will get bad in a New York minute if I have to. 

Do you regret some of the crazy stuff you did in the house?

No, I don't regret anything. It's all a part of making me the woman I am today. I'm grateful. 

Every Bad Girls Club reunion is crazy and you should know that. But were there any moments in the Atlanta reunion where you were just totally caught off guard?

Oh my god, the whole damn reunion I was thrown off guard! Honestly, the craziest moment was... I couldn't even get an intro in, and here comes ShanRock bombarding Valentina on stage. And then, they attacked my whipped cream. I was like Honey, it is real trill on this stage! Even the snacks are getting hurt! 

It's hard to play favorites, but who was your girl on the show? 

I love Rocky. Rocky is just a badass. She's a gangsta barbie and you just have to love it. I also love Jenn, Jenn is a little firecracker. I love her. She'll dance for you, but she'll kick your ass. And I love her smile. 

As far as reunion shows go, what was your favorite one to host?

I'm gonna say Atlanta was my favorite because they got cake and I got a piece!

Let's talk All Star Battle. Who are you rooting for to win?

I hate to be biased, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I'm rooting for my veterans. The house is kind of split up between veterans and newbies. Amber is probably the only Bad Girl I'm really close to off camera so I'm rooting for her team, Amber and Flo. OB, Old Bitches, whatever you wanna call us... we got one up on you cause we've been there, done that!

Season 11 is in Miami and I just want to know what your expectations are. 

I really want a backstory. I really want to know why the girls are bad, and why they go through the things that they do. I feel like from Season 2, and especially after Season 4 I feel like the girls don't know why they're there. I wanna see more of the story and more transition. I want to see growth at the end. The girls that are involved, it's an experience. You live through it, go through it, and you come out stronger. Hopefully you learn something about yourself and the girl next to you. And hopefully you come out a better person in the end. 

What's your plan for the summer? 

I'm crazy busy with so much on my plate. I'm working on a new project and hopefully you guys will be seeing me soon. I'm trying to start a clothing line, I'm trying to start an online store... I'm trying to figure out if I want to jump back into real estate.

Is there any special someone in your life? 

I just started a relationship, it will be a year in July. It's getting pretty serious. He's a cutie, he's my boo. He recently asked me to move in with him. He lives in LA, so I'm giving it some thought. 

I have to ask... since it's summer are you sticking to whipped cream or switching to Cool Whip? 

I'm sticking with whipped cream! I need to do a commercial for them! 


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