Round 2! 8 Baddest Girls Ever Video Bracket

By Maisie Bornstein

A new season of Bad Girls Club is on and popping Tuesdays at 8/7c. Let's take a look back at the last 9 seasons and settle a constantly brewing argument: Who is the baddest Bad Girl Ever? To this end, we present the 8 Baddest Girls Ever Video Bracket. 

Can you believe Christina beat Tanisha, Judi beat Gia, Flo beat Lea, and Natalie beat Char? They are all pretty Bad.

Now it's time for Round 2! This time it's Christina (season 9) vs. Judi (Season 7) and Flo (Season 4) vs. Natalie (Season 4).

Round 2 ends Fri., February 1 at 10:50AM EST. So cast your votes now!


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