Should The Face's Sandra Be On Bad Girls Club?

One of our favorite contestants on "The Face" is Sandra, a high-energy model from Philly who may have Bad Girls Club potential. We've come to this conclusion based on her upcoming verbal throwdown with fellow model contestant Jocelyn.

In this exclusive sneak peek, the beauties are at each other's throats - and Sandra is clearly tempted to solve this dispute, Bad Girls style.

Below is the heated conversation that unfolds after Sandra tells the camera she'd like to give Jocelyn "a good ass whoppin'."

Sandra: "I swear to God I wish you was on the street ..."

Jocelyn: "You should just try to keep your class."

Sandra: "You keep saying shit, okay? You going to get something thrown at your Motherf*ckin head and I will be gone."

So watch "The Face" premiere tonight at 9/8c and then tell us if you want to see Sandra on Bad Girls Club. If you do, we promise to let the producer's of the show know!

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