Stripper Showdown: Stephanie vs. Jenniffer

By Lindsay Hahn


This time around, we thought we would take a break from our usual style showdown to defy gravity. That's right- a new battle is brewing and Stephanie and Jenniffer are going head-to-head.

On the left, we have stripper sensation Stephanie from New York City. This bi-sexual bombshell isn't afraid to show off her sexy skill set. Don't you remember (in Episode 1) when she ripped off her pants to take a whirl and twirl on the signature Atlanta stripper pole? This Bad Girl has some serious moves, but it may not be enough to top California cutie Jenniffer!

On the right, we have the sweet and sassy Jenniffer. A newbie to the Bad Girls Club, she is the second stripper to enter the Atlanta mansion. Boy, does this girl know how to work it! With her high heels and barely-there bustier, she isn't afraid to turn it upside down. 

Who do you think is the better stripper? Now, it's your turn to take to the poll. Vote now! Want to see more moves? Tune in to a SO new Bad Girls Club tonight at 8/7c. 

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