Style Showdown: Battle of the Best Ink

By Lindsay Hahn


Do you know what time it is?!? While you wait for next Tuesday's premiere of BGC, it's time for two new Bad Girls to battle it out in another edition of Style Showdown! It's all about the ink as these girls show off their diva-inspired body art. In this battle, it's Paula vs. Janae! Let the games begin...

Meow! On the left-side, we have Southern city Bad Girl Paula rocking those fierce paw prints. If you got it, flaunt it. We can't hate on Paula for inking some of her best assets but does anyone else have deja vu? Paula's prints look awfully similar to singer Eve's trademark tats. Neverless, this hotheaded party girl knows when to pull out her claws.

On the right is Houstin hottie Janae with her bold butterfly tattoo. Although this Bad Girls' ink may look innocent and flirty, don't be fooled. This season, Janae's only transformation is from cute country girl to wild child. 

Both girls bring the heat, but which Bad Girl has the best ink? Vote now!

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