Style Showdown: JazMone vs. Smurfette

By Oxygen


They may be different species, but they both know how to work it! 

JazMone and Smurfette are both making smash appearances this summer, with JazMone hitting the BGC 11 house and Smurfette owning The Smurfs 2 movie, voiced by Katy Perry. But here’s a serious question: who wears it better?

JazMone rocks the bright colors, Smurfette IS the bright colors. They both make the boys swoon when they put on a dress and high heels, and they can both be sweet or sour – depending on the day (or depending on the magic spell cast by Gargamel, as the case may be).

One thing’s for sure though, these girls are both bad, and they’ve both got swag. But who’s got more? Vote until you’re blue in the face! (No offense, Smurfette…) Remember to tune in to OMG Special on Tue., July 30 at 9/8c to see if the Smurfs rescue their sneak peek.

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