Top 8 Pop Offs in BGC History

By permanenteditor

Can you believe the 10th season of Bad Girls Club is upon us? Sigh, it seems like just yesterday when Tanisha was banging her pots and pans. We all know nothing goes together better than Bad Girls and pop offs. With an overwhelming supply of raging catfights (some even bordering on WWF grade smack-downs), you won't want to miss our mash-up of the top 8 pop offs of all time. Can't get enough? Remember to tune in Tue., Jan. 15 at 8/7c for a SO new season of BGC.

8. Wilma Goes BAM BAM

Ah, the infamous “grab the lamp and smack her with it” move. Nice one, Wilma! In this season 6 throwdown, props were required! We hope the lamp made it out okay.

7. Blondies Have More Punch

Season 9's infamously “cool”  Ashley loses her temper when Andrea won’t stop tormenting her about her friendship with Rima. There’s nothing like a Bad Girl who throws down for her BFF...especially in a bush of flowers.

6. From Pleasure to Pop Off

This pop off certainly is a steamy one! After Camilla and Amy take a scandalous shower together, Camilla refuses to hand Amy a towel. Come on girl, where are your manners? After some tough talk, the girls decide to pop off. Quick tip: next time, save yourself the beating and just get her a towel.

5. BushWACKed

Yes, this is another fight in the bushes. This top moment doesn't involve just two Bad Girls but FOUR....tangled in each others weaves. 

4. Bikini Blowout


It started with "first of allllll b*tch" and ended with season 9's Rima and Mehgan wrestling in their bathing suits. Not the best way to spend your first week at a mansion in Mexico!

3. Breakfast in Bed

Judi, from season 7, finally gets a chance to take a cheap shot (with milk and cereal) at Priscilla while she is asleep in bed. It all leads to one of the most epic showdowns of BGC history, leaving Judi with a chunk of hair missing and a bloody lip to boot. Ouch!

2. Destination Pound Town 


The ultimate golden rule: Thou shall not talk smack about a fellow Bad Girls' parenting skills.  Busting out of the big purple mansion doors, season 4's Portia comes raging like a bat out of hell to POUND on Natalie. Hope you Bad Girls learned your lesson.

1. Double Trouble

This pop off definitely deserves the top spot! Season 8 twins Dani and Gabi bring new meaning to the phrase “double trouble”. All it takes is Dani sprinkling trash from the bathroom and the rest is history. Best yet, after the beatdown and blowout, the twins still get to eat their Chipotle. Sounds good to us!


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