Welcome to the Bad Girls Crib!

By permanenteditor


Brace yourself...Bad Girls Club is officially back tomorrow night at 8/7c! That's right, Tuesday is our SO new night to party with the girls of season 10. If you’re anxiously counting down the minutes (like we are), then you're in luck. Here are some never-before-seen pictures of the Hotlanta mansion. Take a good look because this pretty pink house is soon to be filled with hookupspartying and pop offs. Here is a mini "tour" of the mansion! What do you think? Is this house worthy of Bad Girls?


We all know the perfect BGC house isn't complete without pink shutters. Oh wait, is that a hot butler waiting at the door...with drinks?!?! Done and done, hope these girls are ready to party!


The ladies of the house are now more REAL than ever! Did you have to do a double-take? These cardboard cutouts of the ladies are very cute...too bad we can already picture them being defaced.  


No BGC lounge is complete without a stripper pole. But wait, this just isn't any ordinary pole - it’s a full blown stripper catwalk! Looks like these girls will have the perfect "platform" to show off their moves. Spoiler alert: stripper Stephanie wastes no time stripping down (literally and figuratively) in the first episode! Trust us, that girl knows how to work it. You won't want to miss it!


This beauty room is gorgeous, but perhaps the chairs should be a bit further away from each other to prevent pop offs and weave-pulling during primp time. 


How many drunken makeout sessions do you think will take place in this pool? Either way, it’s ready for some Bad Girl attention. 


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