8 Reasons to Watch the Premiere of 'Bad Girls Club 11'

It's only the first episode of Bad Girls Club Season 11, but don't expect a boring meet-and-greet. Down in Miami, the Bad Girls get comfortable right away... maybe TOO comfortable. There's already tons of tension---some sexual tension, and some just plain old aggression. Try and guess what Bad Girl rolled up to Miami with a security guard to protect her from the haters. Sarah's already plotting to kick out a fellow housemate, and Milyn starts dishing about all of her alleged Hollywood hookups. You don't want to miss the premiere of Season 11! Check out our 8 reasons to watch Episode 1 in the photo gallery.

Tune into the PREMIERE of 'Bad Girls Club 11' tonight at 8/7c! 


Watch a Sneak Peek of tonight's episode here

Off Topic with BGC 11: Who's Your Celebrity Lookalike? 

Instagram Shorts of BGC 11 


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