Before They Were Bad Girls: Watch Amber's Casting Tape!

By Lauren Zupkus

In honor of the upcoming Bad Girls Club 11 Casting Special, we dusted off some old casting tapes and stumbled upon Amber's hilarious video. This goes way back to when being a Bad Girl, let alone an All Star, was just a twinkle in the blonde bombshell's eye. In this video, adorable Amber tells the casting directors why she got the boot from her recent job, how she got into a brawl with a handicapped man, and why she was "really angry about going to anger management." The casting directors couldn't even hold back their laughter, and we bet you can't either. Check out this video, and don't forget to tune into the Bad Girls Club 11 Casting Special, Tuesday at 8/7c! 

Tune into the 'Bad Girls Club 11' Casting Special, Tuesday at 8/7c! 


Flo's Casting Tape

Stasi's Casting Tape

Julie and Judi's Casting Tapes 

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