Here's What Happened on 'Bad Girls Club: Miami' Episode 2 (PHOTOS)

Even though the Bad Girls had only been in the house for a few nights, a lot had already gone down during Episode 1. So, when Tess's replacement Gina finally arrives, they give her some pretty hardcore "new girl" hazing. First, Stephanie decides to giver her shots of Patron while all the other girls are just downing water. Once Gina's good and drunk, she makes a comment that "replacements are stronger" than girls who are originally cast for the Bad Girls Club. That doesn't sit well with Sarah, who spends most of her time thinking of ways to kick her out of the house. She and JazMone even install a baby monitor in the confessional to spy on her. Milyn does what she does best, and stirs up drama between Sarah and Gina that escalates into a full-on brawl. Scroll through this photo gallery for the recap.

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