Off Topic with BGC 11: What's Your Drink of Choice?

By Lauren Zupkus

The Bad Girls of Season 11 are trouble when they're perfectly sober, so just imagine what they can get into after they get into the liquor cabinet. Alcohol is everybody's favorite social lubricant and gives Bad Girls a great excuse to act like the outrageous party people that they are. So, we asked the Season 11 cast what they order when they hit the bar on a night out. Scroll to see what MilynJazmoneGina, Tiana and Sarah call their drinks of choice. Cheers! 


We asked the Bad Girls... What's your drink of choice? 





    Milyn: a good margarita














    Jazmone: Hennessy and pineapple juice 


















   Gina: Hennessy and Moet Rose 











 Tiana: anything with Patron... I loooooove Patron     shots!












Sarah: Vodka chilled with lemon, Ciroc peach, and Fireball whiskey are really good. 






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