Off Topic with BGC 11: What's Your Go-To Drunk Food?

By Lauren Zupkus

Let's be real: after a night of partying at the club, there's only one thing on a girl's mind... PIZZA. That's Milyn about to go HAM on a pepperoni slice in the photo above. Everybody knows that calories totally don't count when you're drunk, so go ahead and dive into those disco fries. We asked the Bad Girls of Season 11 what they order at their favorite greasy spoons when the drunk munchies strike. Bon appetit!

We asked the Bad Girls... what's your go-to drunk food?






Milyn: a Jack in the Box chicken sandwich












Tiana: Ramen noodles 













Gina: quesadillas












JazMone: chips, cookies, candy... my name is JazMone and I'm an addicted snacker! 













Sarah: Korean BBQ or something fried. Yum! 










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