Off Topic with BGC 11: What's Your Hidden Talent?

By Lauren Zupkus

Wanna know what Milyn does perfectly with her eyes closed? We know you're dying to get the scoop on the Bad Girls Club 11 cast, so we decided to get a little off topic and ask the Bad Girls what their hidden talents are. The answers were funny, surprising, and even downright scandalous. Trust us, you'll NEVER want to borrow Sarah's phone once you find out what her talent is. And we bet you can't guess which Bad Girl could kill it in a rap battle! Scroll down for this ridiculous Q&A. 

We asked the Bad Girls... What's your hidden talent?

Sarah: I can hold things with my ass! Cellphones, a champage glass, money... What can I say? I have strong booty muscles :) 


Milyn: I can text with my eyes closed on my iPhone without any spelling or grammatical errors. I discovered this when I was getting my makeup done and had to keep my eyes closed, LOL!


JazMone: I'm an amazing freestyler when I'm drunk! Bars on bars on bars!


Gina: My hidden talent is my bartending skills. Everyone loves the bartender! ;-)


Tiana: I'm really good with my hands. I have always been told I should be a masseuse and what I do is gently rub my hands all over the body, applying pressure to various spots. I also know how to do a British, African and Hispanic accent which everyone gets a kick out of. 

'Bad Girls Club Season 11' premieres Tuesday August 13 at 8/7c! 


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