Off Topic with BGC 11: What's Your Idea of a Good Saturday Night?

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Some ladies like to curl up with a good book. Others like to go out to the movies. But Bad Girls? They like to Go Hard with a capital H on a Saturday night. We asked BGC 11 girls to descirbe their idea of a good night out, and their answers did not disappoint. Click after the jump to see if you have what it takes to hang with these crazy ladies on the weekends -- and if you can handle the hangover. 




Tiana: My idea of a great Saturday night would start at 7pm with all my girls, which begins with pre gaming taking shots of Jager or fireballs. It will take us about two hours to be ready because we're too busy gossiping, arguing about who's taking a shower first and twerking contest. Before we walk out the house we take two more shots for good luck. Now we're headed to the most Turnt Up club in the city and when we get there, we dont wait in line and we head straight to VIP. We're partying with celebrities, drinking, and taking shots off each other. I meet the most gorgeous female in the club, she parties with me the whole night and we leave the club together. I say goodnight to my girls, take shorty back to the crib and have amazing sex a lllll night looong!










Milyn: Fast food and drinks with my girls, playing Dance Central and gossiping.














Gina: Having a great dinner and going out to a city hot spot with my close friends. 

















Sarah: Wine and/or vodka. A sexy man. Good food. Dessert. Then sex!














JazMone: Henny. Kush. Great music, Beautiful ppl & positive vibes.











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