Poll Time! Did Gigi Make a Good First Impression?

By Lauren Zupkus

On Episode 2, Gina aka GiGi earned a spot in the Bad Girls Club once Tess backed out. The Brooklyn firecracker had a ton of energy from the get-go, and after being tricked into ripping shots of Patron solo, she had even more to say. New York natives Tiana and Gina bonded right away, and Stephanie had to give Gina props for taking all those tequila shots with a smile. Other Bad Girls, like Sarah and Teresa, didn't give her much of a warm welcome. Sarah was hung up on Gina's comment that "replacements are stronger." Teresa was disappointed that she felt no connection to Gina. In this bonus video, we see that Gigi annoys JazMone when she starts sounding like a broken record, asking everyone where they're from for the third or fourth time that night. Watch this bonus clip, and once you know how the Bad Girls feel about Gigi, place YOUR vote. What kind of impression did Gigi give off to you? Cast your vote in our poll!

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