She Said/She Said: Did Janelle Really Whip Her Hair Back and Forth?

By Lauren Zupkus


The new girl Janelle made quite the impression on the rest of the Bad Girls. For JazMone, it was a Willow Smith impression! In the makeup room, Janelle popped a squat right next to JazMone and her 30 inch weave made its way over to JazMone's area. In this week's She Said/She Said debate, first hear both sides of the story. Then let's get to the fun part: YOU tell us what you think in our poll. Was Janelle whippin' her weave at JazMone? Scroll down to vote. 

We all saw the hair flipping. Here's what the Bad Girls said... 

JazMone: "I asked Janelle politely if she could please stop hitting me with her hair, and she comes at me like I need to get out of HER space when I allowed her to sit right there." 

Janelle: "It's not intentional, it's not disrespectful. If anyone else had hair and it touched me I would not make a big scene. What is the problem? It's not the hair. It's me. You just don't like me."

Now YOU settle the score:


Janelle's Snapshots

Shanae's Snapshots

53 Moments of Milyn 

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