She Said/She Said: Janelle's Juicy Situation

By Lauren Zupkus


When life hands Janelle lemons, don't even think about drinking her lemonade! On Episode 5 of Bad Girls Club: Miami, drama ensued when Gina's visiting friend Jackie grabbed Janelle's lemonade out of the fridge to wash down their tequila shots. After Janelle told them they couldn't use it, Shanae offered up some of her OJ... but not before things got awkwardly tense. Listen to what the Bad Girls had to say about the juicy situation, and then decide in our poll. Did Janelle have every right to get sour over her lemonade, or should she have shared? Hear each side of the story, and then let us know what YOU think in the poll! 

Here's what Janelle, Shanae and Tiana had to say... 

Janelle: "Can a b*tch have some of her own sh*t? I bought it." 

Shanae: "B*tch, why are you worried about 3 dollar juice? You're the weakest b*tch I've ever seen in my life."

Tiana: "It's petty. For you to sit around and pop off at the lips over some juice shows me a lot about your character."

Settle the score with your vote here: 


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