She Said/She Said: Settle the Wrestling Match Score With Our Poll!

By Lauren Zupkus


It doesn't take much to start a brawl on Bad Girls Club, but we were seriously confused when the fight between Sarah and Tiana seemed to come out of nowhere. We've all been there when the check comes at the club or a restaurant and drama ensues, but this was just over the top. From what we saw, JazMone ran out of money and propositioned Teresa to cover her until they got back to the crib. Then, Sarah kindly reassured her roomie JazMone that it was all good and explained the situation to the other girls. When the girls split into separate cabs, Milyn stirred up drama to Tiana, who was already drunk and tired of Sarah's loud mouth. Next thing ya know, Sarah and Tiana are popping off on the floor a la Wrestlemania. So what REALLY went down? For this She Said/She Said post, we spoke to Milyn, Sarah, and Tiana about the wrestling match. Hear their sides of the stories, and then vote in the poll. Whose side are you on? Let us know in the poll!

We asked the Bad Girls... What happened the night Sarah and Tiana fought? 

Tiana: Milyn told me that Sarah did not want to put up the money for JazMone and was making a big deal out of it. When we got home I approached Sarah about what I heard and she told me it was a misunderstanding, but me being drunk I really wasn't trying to hear what she was saying. I thought it would be cool for us to wrestle. I got a takedown or two but Sarah did slam me a few times, LOL. That's something I wouldn't deny. After the match was over I did give Sarah a pound and told her, "You got that" because I'm real ass bitch.

Milyn: Jazmone had left her money at home, so when it came time to all pitch in and tip our bottle service waitress she didn't have the money ON HER. She did say she would pay anyone who helped out when we got back to the house. I personally didn't have the extra money on me because I had given it away to the strippers but I felt that Sarah was her roommate and she should have helped her out. 

Sarah: Mimi tried to say I called JazMone out for not having money, when it was really Milyn calling her out. We took separate cabs and Mimi puts in Tiana's head that I put Jazz on the spot. Next thing you know, we're outside and Tiana is all in my face (mind you, she's 5'9 and I'm 5'3). Mimi's thirsty, wanting-attention ass is hopping around like a damn chihuahua joining in the argument. Tiana was talking mad shit! I told her I liked her and it was a misunderstanding. Next thing you know, it was WWE in the living room. 4 rounds and I choked her punk ass out every round. Afterward, she said, "you got me Sarah, you got me." I'm not the one you want to mess with.

Now you've heard all the sides, and it's time to vote. Who do you agree with? 



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