She Said/She Said: Should Andrea Have Stood Up for Janelle?

By Oxygen


In last night's episode, we said bye bye to Janelle! But maybe things would have turned out differently if her ally  Andrea had stepped up to the plate. Tiana threw Janelle out of the house by force...and Andrea just stood by and watched. There's no denying the facts, but was Andrea in the wrong? You decide. Scroll down to vote in the poll!

But first, here's what she said, AND what she said. 

Andrea: "I'm over this whole Janelle situation. It seems like the only time she can stand her own ground is when she has a bodyguard there, and I'm done being your bodyguard. This isn’t my problem anymore."

Janelle: "Andrea, you tell me every single day that you’re going to have my back if anyone tries to f*** with me, and the moment there’s an altercation you just disappear?! That is some fake crap!"


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