She Said/She Said: Should Rocky Mind Her Business?

By Lauren Zupkus


On Episode 6 of Bad Girls Club: MiamiRocky and Zuly's visit to the Bad Girls was a pleasant surprise. Pleasant, that is, until Rocky started showing love for Janelle, the house enemy. While Janelle and Rocky were vibing in the corner and bonding over being bullied, Tiana felt it wasn't Rocky's place to defend her. At the club, Tiana decides to tell Rocky that she's "wildin'" and that Rocky would "spit on b*tches" like Janelle. Listen to what the Bad Girls had to say, and then decide in our poll. Is Rocky right to get involved, or is should she mind her own business? Hear each side of the story, and then let us know what YOU think in our poll!

Here's what Tiana and Rocky had to say about the sticky situation... 

Tiana: "This is a new season. You don't even know what's going on. Mind your business."

Rocky: "I know she's been the outcast, so I'm just trying to make her feel good." 

Settle the score with our poll below: 

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