She Said/She Said: Should the Fab 4 Adopt Andrea?

By Oxygen


Once upon a time, the Fab 4 hated Andrea. They hated her blond hair, they hated her country gun-totin' ways, and they HATED her alliance with Janelle. But in Episode 8, Andrea apologizes -- and all of a sudden everyone's cool: Andrea's getting krunk in the limo and working the pole just like she's starting the Fab 5. Shanae has a problem with the sudden transition, but JazMone and Tiana are like, who cares? So...whose side are you on? 

Read all sides of the story, then vote below!

Shanae: "I don't trust Andrea, and now she's trying to be all sweet and in the circle, and I think it's bulls**....I just don't get it, Fab 4! So now you love Andrea?! I don't feel like that's right." 

Tiana: "After Andrea's apology, I'm still hesitant about her, but if she wants to apologize so we're on good terms, it's cool."
JazMone: "I think Shanae does a lot of things for attention. You grown! Stop acting like a big ass baby. Suck it up, get over it, and move on." 

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