She Said/She Said: Were Sarah's Comments Racist? Vote!

By Lauren Zupkus


On Episode 1 of Bad Girls Club MiamiSarah rubbed some of the girls the wrong way when she commented on her housemates' races. Some paid no attention to Sarah's remarks, while others thought she should watch her mouth. In this 'She Said/She Said' post, we break down what happened and get both Sarah and Milyn's sides of the story. Then, we let the most important person weigh in... YOU! Scroll to get the scoop and let us know in the poll what you think about Sarah's "racist" remarks. 

Here's what we know: 

When the Bad Girls were waiting for the final housemate to arrive, they went to the photo wall to determine who was missing. That's when Sarah pointed at JazMone's picture and referred to her as "the black girl." Sarah then looked at the photo of Stephanie, who is Puerto Rican and Columbian, and Sarah said, "You look black in your picture! That makes me mad!" Later, when Sarah was out by the pool and Milyn was tanning, Sarah said that tanning was "white girl stuff." When Milyn said she was mixed, Sarah said, "Okay, that means you're white." On Sarah's casting tape, she says she's the "opposite of a racist" and "only dates black guys." 

We asked Sarah and Milyn:

Some ladies in the house accused Sarah of making racial remarks that crossed the line. What do you think? 

Sarah said: They are too damn sensitive!!! It's the Bad Girl's Club!!!!!!!!!! Do I get offended when people call me white girl or barbie?? Hell No!!! I don't give a f***!!!!  Quit crying, you so called "Bad Girls." I do and say what I want. Get over it! Weak bitches!

Milyn said: Sarah's comments didn't bother me. I was more so worried for her because I figured the other girls would feel a certain type of way.

Well, Milyn was right about that, as we saw that Tiana definitely took issue with Sarah's outspokenness. But what do YOU think? Were Sarah's comments racist, or was she simply speaking her mind? Let us know in this She Said/She Said poll!


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