Sneak Peek: "I'll SHOW You How I Dance!"

By Oxygen

In Episode 11, the Bad Girls are invited to audition for a music video, and they're all turning it up for the cameras. Andrea humps the floor, Gina's booty goes blam blam blam, JazMone's got the coy, smooth moves. But what is this? Shanae, the ONLY professional dancer in the Bad Girl house, doesn't want to participate. Instead she looks bummed out in the corner of the audition, saying she's there to "support" the girls. "I don't see you cheering!" Gina retorts. Pleasure P finally prods Shanae to get up and dance, and she completely kills it. Finally, old Shanae has resurfaced! But...the other girls still want her gone. Watch the Sneak Peek and tune into Episode 11 Tuesday at 8/7c!

Tune into Episode 11 Tuesday at 8/7c!


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