Sneak Peek: "I'm Not Talkin' No More"

By Oxygen

The tension is mounting between Shanae and the rest of the house, and the former ATL superstar is looking like she's about to crack. It doesn't help when Gina blatantly says she doesn't want to give Shanae any respect. "Shanae doesnt show any proof of being a Bad Girl," Gina says. "This is the blueprint, and you're not in it. I don't understand why you're even here." Tiana tries to talk to Shanae about her negative, know-it-all attitude, but Shanae only gets more stressed and defensive. Eventually, Tiana gives up. "I've been chillin', trying to be nice about it..but I'm done being Miss Nice Guy," she says. "I'm not talkin' no more. This bitch's days are numbered." Man, it seemed like only yesterday when the 'Nae was welcomed with open arms! The old saying goes: Bad Girl today, on the curb tomorrow. Watch the Sneak Peek!

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