Sneak Peek: Intervention, Bad Girls Style

By Lauren Zupkus

In the limo ride back to the crib, Tiana calls Sarah out for constantly creating drama, saying, "you don't want enemies but you wanna make beef." Fair point. Things get so heated that Stephanie decides that the girls' issues with Sarah need to be resolved at the house tonight. Intervention style, they all gather in the living room to hash out their problems with Sarah. Sarah doesn't take this lying down, and decides to go for round two with Gina. Of course it doesn't look good---it's the Bad Girls Club.

Tune into this brand new episode of Bad Girls Club: Miami tonight at 8/7c.


Sneak Peek: Lock up Sarah, Throw Away the Key

Bonus Video: Professor Teresa Teaches Striptease 101

Bonus Video: "Dear Mimi..." 

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