Life Coach Laura Baron: "Don’t Mess with Chicago"

By Laura Baron

Every week in this blog, I’ll be giving you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the BGC house.  It’s based on their behavior on-screen, not necessarily where they are today.  Regardless of their struggles, each woman deserves respect for showing who she is and love for having the guts to grow.

To give you a better understanding of me and my proces: the BGC women have nothing on my clients in my private practice.  I coach power personalities. I’m used to fierce.  I’m always down for the challenge to break through walls and empower lives: how and where doesn’t make a difference to me.  Making a difference is what matters.

Adding TV to the mix is fuel to the fire.  This is my fourth TV season life coaching high-stakes personalities. Clearly, some are there to do the work, some for better selfies and free drinks. I don’t care.  I invest in them equally and give them all opportunity for change.  If they’re willing to sit on the couch, I’m willing to meet.  But I won’t do their work for them.  That’s my limit.

I can ignore the fake smile that reads ‘Go f* yourself Baron.’  I don’t care.  It’s not about me! I’ll give a hug to a fired-up dragon.  Bitchy is just a weak girl’s tool to try and gain control.  It’s not personal.  So we sit in it.  Half of the work is about how the women and I communicate in that coaching room.  They need the space to take chances, show their vulnerabilities, get angry…do whatever they need.  And I adjust in the moment based on where they are and where they want to be.  We’ve got a tight schedule, so I push it as hard as I can to ensure these women will have life changing break-thrus.

My overall philosophy going into the house was to get the weak girls strong, and the bullies honest. 

Sometimes it’s pretty torturous to watch them on TV.  But managing inside of that house is the best homework each of these women could get. The Fab4 isolating the others was lame but revealing.  It uniquely spotlighted Blu. Going out with the group was a slap to Aysia.  It showed Blu’s struggle to consistently commit, regardless how much she cared. Aysia not having a problem with it showed how little respect she demanded. I was just amazed by the endless and basic bullying from Redd, Lo, and Britt – that Aysia stayed: so proud!  One of those ‘bullies’ is about to crazy inspire you, btw! In the meantime, Jada: after trying so hard to calm herself, she proved how hard it is to walk away from true rage, while Alex reinforced how tough it is to break away from home. 

On a side note, when Britt and crew got disrespectful with the waiter…I wanted to reach through that TV and toss them all behind the bar to do dishes until their manicures and attitudes chipped! Not in my city, girls. 

Don’t mess with Chicago.

Watch a preview for Episode 5! 


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