Life Coach Laura Baron: Let's Give Jada a Big Hug

By Laura Baron

The politics of isolation were at play in Episode 8.

Before I get into revealing the secrets of this episode, let’s just join in for a collective hug to Jada. That woman came back with a willingness to work and in return she got bullied and isolated, even by her friends. Fact is, people get pissed if you don’t ask them permission to change -- and these girls were not about to accept her change. The fact she turned inward and kept her lil chin high was a major testament to Jada’s strength and how hard she was willing to work to change. That said, the bullying over her name was tres lame.

On the lighter side…anyone else notice how Freaky Friday this episode was? This episode has a bunch of small clues as to who these girls really are outside of being a Bad Girl.

Did you see what these girls were wearing while they were trying to be all bad ass?

-Jada spitting fierce rhymes in her lil fluffy ladybug pajama bottoms.   

-Britt smack talking about fighting while she’s twirling her animal print and hot pink furry slippers.

-Loren getting all salty while she brushes her hair with the cutest girliest sweet pink bedazzled paddle brush.


And what about the role reversals:

-Politically correct and always appropriate Alex was the one calling Jada out in the group about her name.   

-Redd, always up for a battle, got sweet as soon as she heard her mommy’s voice. Then admitted, she starting to open up a little bit and it feels good. I’m not buying the whole answering machine message controversy…that woman never had a problem voicing very clear and fierce sentence structures with me. 

-Aysia after recovering from a houseful of shunning, shunned her own: Jada, what?!

-Blu…the one typically in charge and gaming showed she had little control jumping back in bed with Aysia after getting trounced by Diamonds truth bombs.

So…what did you notice?  

Watch a Sneak Peek for next week's episode!

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