Life Coach Laura: Bullying Dalila Wasn't Right

Having never met Dalila, I’ve got no comment about her except to say behind the scenes, producers told me she was a sweetheart. Pretty much after that I’m scratching my head… What Dalila did do was get so raw and in the girls' faces that she really forced them to reveal their own stuff.  Lo was a superhero, holy restraint!  The fact that Loren stood there tempered and didn’t throw punches speaks volumes to the work and effort she put into herself, major props for that!  But regardless of how ‘annoying’ or whatever it was the girls were saying about Dalila, it was still disgusting to see them collectively bully her. 

But it was Britt who LET HERSELF get overwhelmed. All season Britt has been gunning to fight, and she did with an ultimately defenseless woman. It was disgusting. And it was also heartbreaking.  

What you didn’t see during parents' weekend was when Britt, me, and her pretty mama were hanging, Britt and I made a deal. She could borrow the belt I was wearing to help pull together an outfit, if she was willing to do real work in our next session. She agreed. So I made a special trip into the house and lent Britt my favorite belt. It was a cute giggly girly exchange, we were both excited.  It definitely seemed like we were about to make our breakthrough.  

So when I heard the news she was out, I tried to stay neutral.  But I was really disappointed and sad for her.  She was so close! 

At the end of the day, I think Britt needed that. She needed someone to beat her at her own game by climbing under her skin and impacting her to a point where she finally realized she wasn’t so in control. It was such a ridiculous fight that it was probably way more humiliating than any sort of a win for her.

After the meeting, Blu whispered she had my belt. Britt had left it and wanted to make sure I knew where it was. That effort, taking care of my stuff, caring about others while she’s going through the shame of losing it and getting kicked out, says something.  

We’ve talked since the season wrapped and we finally got to have our time.

I know she’s a hard character on this show to love.  But in life, no cameras, it’s actually easy.   

Watch what happened:

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