Life Coach Laura Gives the Girls Grades for Episode 7

By Laura Baron

BGC house report card: C. 

Based on their behavior in this episode, here’s the full BGC report card:

Jada – First, props for rapping her face off, it takes guts and helps calm her.  When Jada was brought to the hotel, her response said everything about her biggest challenge…even though the entire house was blazing against her, the only thing she cared about was saving face. She needed to walk away.  

Jada's grade: C- (for staying fired up)


Redd – No matter if it made her boil over or not, Redd got fired up.  Her struggle to stop being a bully showed itself when she spoke about Aysia.  It may not have gone too far, but she couldn’t help talk smack not just about the situation but about Aysia personally.

Redd's grade: C (bullying from a distance)  


Alex – She wanted to come out from her ‘father’s shadow’ and be her own person, but in the house, she lived in the shadows. She struggled finding any independence.  She had good things to say, but rarely expressed herself.

Alex's grade: C- (hiding)


Aysia – That conversation she had with Diamond was strong.  Aysia’s biggest challenge was standing up for herself and telling her truth. By not shying away from her own story with Blu, she nailed her own goal! That she shared something with Diamond's friend should be expected.  If you break the rules to get it, there are no rules once you’ve got it. Aysia didn't act like a side-piece this time! 

Aysia's Grade: B- (speaking up, but then apologizing for it)

Britt – Britt’s bullying talk about laying people out and needing to get in a fight is still lame.  But seeing her in love is such a cool side to see.  That softer side I saw a few times in the coaching room, but was buried so deep. 

Britt's Grade: A (for her love of JJ), D (for jonesing to fight) = C

JJ's Grade: A (calming Britt)



Blu - I needed to help Blu focus her ability to manipulate and lead for GOOD, not to just run games like this. That’s the reason I made a deal with her to lead the house in a positive way which would benefit both the house and her .  Blu falling back from Aysia after the Diamond situation, letting the house gang up on Aysia again showed her ultimate struggle with commitment.  But it’s that twisted game that kept the so bonded.

GRADE: D (gaming the house)

GUEST GRADE, Diamond: A (speaking truth)


Loren – The fact Lo swings at Jada, especially for something so random, just shows how short that fuse is and how easy it is for her to fall back. Huge props for recognizing her wrong the next morning ‘I’m mad I put my hands on her.’  Loren walked into the house swinging, never thinking about it.

 GRADE: A (regretting fighting) + F (fighting) = C-


How would you grade the girls?

Flip through the full episode recap below!

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