Life Coach Laura: I'm Not Sure BGC Is For Alex

By Laura Baron

Watching Dalila leave was lame.  NOBODY deserves that. 

I’ve been campaigning for Lo from the get-go. The fact that Dalila walked in there slamming everyone, including Lo, and yet Lo didn’t swing remains impressive. The fact she tossed Dalila out how she did shows how tough it is to change. This is a slip and slide type process. Many steps ahead many steps back. You can’t expect perfection at every turn, but humanity from the group would be nice. The thing that got me was when Lo was going off, the rest of the girls were hanging back and laughing or joining in…So annoying, I’m going to move on before I throw pickle juice at this screen. 

Quirks of the episode:

Aysia loves to get her snack on…even when all of the other girls are packing our girl is folding up bags of goodies to bring…quirky and adorable.

Raesha is a complex sweetheart. She talks about how she’s uncomfortable fitting in a large group of women and yet targets herself flirting with Blu and clearly causing a rift. She proves no matter how much we want to change we typically and simply do what we’ve done…

Dalila in her interview, was chill and calm. That was good to see. 

Jada superstarred up. First, she calmly expressed to Alex ‘it bothers me when….’  and was all grown and mature in the discussion. And then when she got all happy she got compared to Lil Kim, so cute! 

Blu played coy about flirting with others but then encourages Raesha to stick her hand down her pants. Otherwise known as: a commitment issue…

Loren had such a cute knotted head wrap in Spain, I was totally distracted.  I’m sure she was saying important stuff, but the wrap plus the earrings were so cute I forgot to listen.

Alex didn’t let go at all in that house - she knew it, we all knew it. She didn’t try. But, to be fair, letting go is not Alex’s thing. Frankly, I’m not sure BGC was her thing. She didn’t come to the house really wanting to open up and never got herself comfortable enough to do it. Alex spent time experimenting with her limits. Some say it was fake and flip-flopping - I don’t see it like that. I see Alex struggling with trying to get along, standing up for herself, and fitting in a house of strong women with strong mouths. All of the girls were on her for not being herself. But each of the girls struggled between who they were and what they showed to the other girls.  No one was 100 ALL of the time…that house doesn’t let you.   

Sneak Peek the finale! 

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